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[hold me, love me, hold me, love me, I ain't got nothing but love, babe] [entries|friends|calendar]

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Outside Dance Time [2.16.07 - 7.13pm]
can't buy me love]

[2.11.06 - 10.31pm]
Dear People;

I kinda don't use my LJ anymore.
Just the Xanga...I don't know why. I like it better? o_O...Hmp.
But I will try to read your entries, my lovely friends, every once in a while.

can't buy me love]

[12.4.05 - 1.18pm]
Yesterday I got to audition for Guys and Dolls. I can't tell you how much I want to get Sarah Brown...but I keep telling myself not to be dissapointed if I don't. I think I did a pretty decent job at the auditon, and Mrs. Walsh even told me that I did a really good job. ^_^ I know it's going to be so much fun...the only thing that I'm worried about is if enough boys tried out or not x_X

So yeah.
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itchy sweater :( [11.21.05 - 4.05pm]
I had a pretty sweet weekend. Despite the fact that I had to write a 5-8 page paper on Sunday, it was pretty awesome. On Friday I think I did nothing besides...oh, talk to Connor on the phone for like a million hours...the millions of hours that fall between 9pm and 2am, anyways. So that was fun. We could have hung out, he said Avery and Aaron didn't come over...boo. Oh well. Him and Anna came over on Saturday night, and we had so much fun. We were listening to the satilite radio, sitting in my basement, and somehow we managed to waste 2.5-3 hours just sitting down there. It was so funny though! We were listening to the kids channel and 1) Anna was dancing to some songs, 2) Connor was pointing out disturbing lyrics in the kid songs, 3) and we kept fighting over what to listen to. >D Before that Anna and I had Chinese food! Yay! It was so good. Connor didn't eat anything because he never eats food at my house for some reason o.O...I swear I don't poison it...hahahaha. Of course. So yeah, we had a pretty awesome time. On Sunday I had to write that stupid paper which took me maybe 4 hours. (I thought I had another week left but I guess I didn't...>_>) So yeah. It really wasn't too bad. Later that night I made a beeeeeautiful Paul McCartney stencil. Connor said he's interested in making his own clothes (teeshirts, anyways) so we can stencil things together! (xD)

Oh yes.
Fun. fun stuff :D

My sweater is itchy.
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FRIENDS ONLY [5.27.05 - 11.00pm]
This journal is now friends only due to an extremely close call and the growing paranoia of the journal keeper. With that said, leave me a comment, if we've got some stuff in common (even if it's just a little bit) we can be friends! OMGZ! I'll give you kudos though, because why anyone would want to read about this overly dramatic and somewhat boring life of mine is beyond me.

This creative enough? No, wait, I need a friends only image! That would be spiffy.

Yes, I write a ton of crap. I don't exactly expect anyone to read it. I guess it's only for insanely bored people who have nothing better to do. So maybe I'll save someone from gouging their eyes out or something scary and irrational like that.

I'm not the wittest person in the world, and my journal is filled with tales from my everyday life and mind. I can't promise that it will actually be entertaining. It will also be lame at times, but you can suck it up.
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